Blanxer Pay: How it works

With Blanxer Pay you can conveniently receive online payments from your customers through your website. We have partnered with various payment providers, giving you access to a wide range of options to receive payments.

Here's how it works: Once you activate the Blanxer Pay facility, Blanxer Technology Pvt. Ltd. will collect your payments on your behalf and settle them with you within 24 hours.

Here is a step-by-step guide to starting Blanxer Payment and upgrading your payment limit. By following these procedures, you can enhance your payment capabilities while ensuring a secure and seamless experience with Blanxer Pay.

Step 1: Activating Your Blanxer Payment Facility

To initiate the process, you must activate your Blanxer Pay Facility, which incurs a flat charge of 3%. Follow these steps:

  1. Add your bank account details to begin receiving payments. Please note that the initial payment limit is set at Rs 25,000.

    - For private limited companies, provide the bank details of the company. For other businesses, provide the bank details of the person whose name appears on the business registration document.

    - Even after reaching the Rs 25,000 limit, you can still receive payments. However, you must complete the Business KYC Verification process to receive payouts.

  2. Ensure you have read and agreed to Blanxer Pay's store "Terms and Conditions" by ticking the respective box.

Step 2: Upgrading Your Limit through KYC Verification To enhance your payment limit, it is crucial to complete the KYC verification process. Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the following documents for uploading: a. A copy of your Business PAN Card Certificate. b. A copy of your Business Registration Certificate. c. A citizenship document of the business owner.

  2. Submit your verification request to Blanxer Pay and await their approval or rejection. In the case of rejection, you will receive a reason for the decision.

Congratulations! Once your verification is approved, you can enjoy the benefits of Blanxer Pay. With heightened security measures in place, you can transact confidently and conveniently, ensuring a seamless payment experience for both you and your customers.

At Blanxer Pay, we understand the importance of security in online transactions. Our KYC verification process helps us safeguard the integrity of our platform and ensure that you can conduct business with peace of mind. By following the step-by-step guide you can successfully complete the verification process, upgrade your payment limit, and take full advantage of the secure and seamless payment solutions offered by Blanxer Pay.