Bulk Product Upload - How it works


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Bulk product upload lets you instantly upload as many products as your premium plans allow in one shot.

Step 1 - Let's know about prerequisites

  • First of all, you need to have pictures of all your products & variants in a folder

  • All of the pictures must be in 1:1 aspect ratio (recommended size 1080x1080) so it will be a perfect fit on the website

  • Secondly, to understand which image belongs to which product & variants, please name the picture file accordingly so it will be much easier for you to track

Step 2: Uploading your pictures to Blanxer

  • Goto Media Management, click on + Folder and create a folder (e.g. Nov_30)

  • The added folder will look like below, now click on that created folder

  • You will see empty folder like this

  • Now Drag and Drop all images from the folder we made in step 1

  • After uploading completes it will look like below

  • On Top Right, there will be a button named CSV Click on that button and download the CSV format of that folder

  • CSV file will contain file_name and file_url as below

  • This CSV is required for us to do bulk upload

Step 3 - Understanding bulk upload parameters

  • Goto Products > Add Product > Bulk Upload

  • Click on Download Sample CSV

  • Sample CSV contains the following fields, lets's understand these field first

  • product_name This field holds the name of the product

  • variant if any product has a different variant(i.e. Color, Type, Brand....) we include that detail in this field, if you are confused will be clear in a later process.

  • size similar to the variant this field will have Size value if the product has multiple size options available

  • group when we have multiple variants & sizes for a product, there will be multiple rows in the Excel file for that same product. the group helps the system to understand that these multiple rows belong to the same product

  • product_description detailed description for the product in HTML format

  • price selling price of the product

  • crossed_price marked price of the product

  • your_buying_cost actual cost at which the product is purchased (for the purpose of net profit calculation)

  • quantity how many products are there in inventory

  • sku unique identifier for product helps you to identify products at inventory

  • sell_after_out_of_stock will make the product never go out of stock on the website even if all listed quantity is sold out. possible value for this field is Y or N default is Y

  • product_category name of categories the product belongs to can be multiply separated by / (eg. Chair/Sofa adding two categories to the product)

  • status which states the product will be after immediate bulk upload. Possible values are Active and Draft defaults to Active

  • image_1 .... image_5 for adding the image URL

  • Required fields

    • product_namepriceimage_1

    • product_description must contain at least 20 character

    • if it is non-empty group field, either variant or the size field is also required

Step 4 - Creating a description for the product

  • Click on Show HTML Value and copy that HTML

  • This HTML value is required to be added within the bulk product upload CSV file in product_description field

Step 5 - Creating categories ready for the products

  • Goto Categories and add required categories as shown in the image below

  • Remember the name of category as it is required to be added within bulk product upload CSV file in product_category field

Step 6 - Preparing CSV file with appropriate data

  • Firstly open both CSV files upload sample and folder CSV

  • add file_name column from folder CSV to product_name field and file_url to image_1 then CSV will look like below

  • Now fill up other fields, after filling few fields CSV will look like the one below. Here I have added the name of the category as well that was created in Step 5

  • Now add the description prepared in Step 4 to the CSV and the file will look like below

  • At this point if we upload this CSV file we will have 4 products successfully uploaded. But let's say Premium Sofa and Serenity Seat products have different colors and sizes. Let's add that in CSV now. The file will look like below

  • Here for Premium Sofa we have two variants and two sizes we added that accordingly. And added group values in each product containing variant and size. The group field says all rows having a similar group belong to the same product.

  • Now for the final step let's clear out the empty row in between, which I just added for proper visibility. Then the final CSV looks like the below

  • Here, I knowingly removed the image_1 field for the product Regal Retreat which is a required field. so that i can show you how failure to add a product will result

  • Currently, I have no products

  • Let's save the CSV and drag it to the bulk uploader now Products > Add Product > Bulk Upload

  • YaY! You can see 3 products were added successfully but 1 was rejected as expected

  • The system throws rejected files into another CSV for you to download

  • Now let's save rejected uploads and see how the CSV looks

  • You can see the rejected reason. Image 1 is required

  • We can now fix that error and reupload the CSV to have the remaining products live.

Result Time

  • Now 3 products have gone live

  • 2 of the products have 4 - 4 variants as expected

  • Luxe Lounge which we added 2 categories has 2 categories as expected as shown below

  • Spent too much time with Dashboard. Now let's see products on the website, and how it looks

Note: if your product needs to have custom fields like custom image, or custom text you need to manually add that property to required products after bulk upload

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