Custom Product Fields - How it works

Custom product fields allow you to personalize the products according to your needs, ensuring that you obtain the necessary information from customers.

To create Custom Product Field,

  • Navigate to the standard product add page and select the ✅ Show Advanced Settings option

  • There you will see Custom Product Field, and select Image, Text, Date, or Time based on what is your requirement

  • You can assign a label to each field, indicating how it will be displayed to the customer.

  • Additionally, a field can be set as required, which indicates that customers must provide the corresponding details to purchase the product.

  • The placeholder is a value that will be displayed to the user when the field is empty.

  • Below is an example of how the above details will be presented to the user.

Whenever a customer places an order with custom fields, you will receive it on your orders page, and here is an example of how it will be displayed.

For Images, you can click on view photo which will show you 100% original and high-quality images.

Some use cases for Custom Product Field

  • For, custom paintings/art

  • For, customized products based on user need (like Wrapsy, the example above)

  • For, cake/bakery shops that need Cake Art, Delivery Date/Time

  • For, food delivering shops which need Delivery Date/Time

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